Claire Rackley Art Exhibition - 'Festive Colours'

Claire Rackley Art Exhibition - 'Festive Colours'

In October 2023 'Festive Colours' shone its light for all to see.

All artworks were gloriously colourful and the people that came to the Opening made the night. The artworks spoke for themselves shining joy through layers of colour painted with a squeegee. Some may think that this is the 'trade-secret' tool but alas, its all over instagram and so it is not. You will have to come to the next Art Exhibition to find out more.


Beautiful art for a beautiful night!

Art: Claire Rackley Art @clairerackleyart

Photography: KCPhotography Brisbane @kcphotographybrisbane

Venue: Hip Hops Brewers Brendale @hiphopsbrewers


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